Swarovski EL Rangefinding 8×42 Binocular Review

Optical Quality

Swarovski EL Range binoculars are renowned for their outstanding optical excellence, delivering exceptional clarity, brightness, and an expansive field of view. These features make them well-suited for wildlife observation during any time of the day. With lenses, prisms, and specialized coatings, they achieve an impressive 91% light transmission, ensuring clear vision even in low-light situations. Such elevated optical performance positions them at the pinnacle of their category. .

Ease of Use

At 32 ounces, this binocular model is deemed comparatively lightweight and compact, particularly given its combined glassing and ranging features. The presence of distinct left and right dioptric adjustment rings on each barrel, along with a conventional center focusing wheel, enhances user-friendliness.

Durability and Build Quality

The Swarovski EL Range exhibits a sturdy construction, guaranteeing long-lasting durability. It incorporates a premium neck strap for enhanced comfort and a protective rubber coating that provides both a secure grip and additional protection. The construction aligns with Swarovski’s renowned reputation for manufacturing top-tier outdoor equipment.


Weighing in at 32.1 ounces, the Swarovski EL Range is easily portable and convenient to carry, especially with the inclusion of the high-grade neck strap. Their dimensions closely align with other items in the Swarovski product range, ensuring ease of handling for prolonged field use.

Rangefinder Performance

The integrated rangefinder in the EL Range is highly effective, offering accurate readings from 33 to 1500 yards. It features an internal angle-compensating program, displaying both the actual straight-line distance and the corrected shooting distance based on the angle of the shot. This functionality is extremely useful for hunters needing precise distance measurements in varied terrain (Rokslide, Western Hunter, Outdoorsmans).

Price and Value

Additional Features

The binoculars feature a mode button for adjusting settings, including five different brightness levels for the LED display, making it adaptable to various lighting conditions. The binoculars also have a Bluetooth function for connectivity with mobile devices, allowing users to access additional features such as storing range and compass bearing data (Rifleshootermagazine.co.uk).

Warranty and Customer Support

Swarovski is known for its excellent customer support and warranty services. However, specific warranty details for the EL Range 8×42 were not mentioned in the sources.

  • Superior optical quality with high light transmission.
  • Lightweight and compact for a rangefinding binocular.
  • Effective rangefinder with angle compensation.
  • User-friendly with adjustable dioptric settings and brightness levels.
  • The placement of the rangefinder button may not be convenient for all users.
  • Some reported glitches in the rangefinder’s yardage readout, skipping certain numbers in the conversion from meters to yards (Western Hunter).

In summary, the Swarovski EL Rangefinding 8×42 Binoculars are a high-end option offering exceptional optical quality, effective rangefinding capabilities, and user-friendly features. While there are some nuances to the rangefinder’s operation and button placement, the overall performance and quality make them a top choice for serious outdoors enthusiasts and hunters.

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