Bird Enthusiast by Trade.

About Me

Hello, birding enthusiasts! I’m Seren van der Merwe, the passionate mind behind All Things Birding.


With a deep-rooted love for avian wonders, I have embarked on numerous birdwatching expeditions, honing my expertise and gaining invaluable experience in the field. My unwavering dedication to birdwatching has inspired me to create this platform, where I aim to share my extensive knowledge, insights, and discoveries with fellow bird lovers.


At All Things Birding, I strive to deliver top-notch content that reflects my commitment to trustworthiness and expertise. Leveraging advanced AI-assisted tools, I curate articles that offer a wealth of extensively researched topics sourced from reputable sites. When it comes to product reviews, rest assured that my recommendations are based on genuine user feedback and meticulously researched information. I hold myself to the highest standards and would never endorse anything that doesn’t meet my personal criteria for quality and reliability.

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